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Tips To Prepare For Watching A Stand-Up Comedian’s Documentary

Watching documentaries about famous people, their lives, and their careers can be a lot of fun. If you are looking for a way to kill a little bit of time, learn a little more about a famous comedian, and potentially experience comedy that you have never experienced before, then watching a stand-up comedian's documentary can be a good idea. Of course, you could just turn on the documentary and give it a try, but you might enjoy the experience even more if you follow these tips first. Read More 

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Finding Inspirational Movies

After wasting yet another date night on a terrible movie, I decided that it was probably time to start doing a little more research before we picked a flick. Instead of choosing a random movie with an exciting trailer, we started paying closer attention to critic reviews. The difference was incredible. The movies had a lot more of a storyline, and we started noticing that we felt inspired when we left the theater, instead of disappointed and depressed. This blog is dedicated to busy parents who want to see a good movie. Check out these great articles on how to find the movies you will love.

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