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Three Popular Stand-Up Documentary Types

If you love stand-up comedy, watching your favorite performers' specials can be a fun way to spend an evening. When you have less time to devote to this activity, you can enjoy short video clips on your phone. There are other options that you can consider, too, including watching a full-length documentary that focuses on stand-up comedy. You can find these documentaries on streaming services and also available for digital download. If you have some friends who are also fans of comedy, getting together and sharing some laughs and learning a little can be fun. Here are three popular stand-up documentary types.


There are lots of documentaries that focus on the life of one stand-up comedian. You might look for a documentary on a particular performer that you've always enjoyed, although it can also be fun to choose a documentary that tells the life story of someone you've heard of but don't know much about. Biographical comedy stories feature lots of clips of the performer's stand-up work, but also share interview clips from a variety of sources. Some of these documentaries focus on performers who are still living, while many feature artists who have passed away.


You'll also find documentaries that focus on particular scenes in stand-up comedy. A common type is a documentary that tells the story of the comedy scene in a specific city that was known for this type of art. Some of these documentaries attempt to tell the story from the start, while others focus on a specific period in time — for example, the 1970s or 1980s. You'll not only learn about the comedians who made this scene vibrant during its heyday, but also about the clubs and theaters that were renowned in this area.


In the broad scope of comedy, there are several specific genres. Some comedians focus on short jokes with rapid punch lines, while others tell long stories. Some comedy is meant to make the audience think about real-life situations. When you're browsing some stand-up comedy documentaries that you might wish to watch, you'll likely come across some that focus on a specific genre of comedy. It's easy to pick one of these documentaries if it tells the story of your favorite genre, but it can also be interesting to watch a documentary about a genre with which you're not very familiar. To learn more about documentaries on the world of stand-up comedy, look online.

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